Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HPPSC Naib Tehsildar 2014

Naib Tehsildar  23 Nov 2014
Time Allowed: 2 Hours                                                                  Maximum Marks: 120

1.       Who led the 1857 war of independence in Gwalior ?
a.       Nana Sahib
b.      Rani Lakshmi Bai
c.       Tatya Tope
d.      Begum HazratMahal

2.       In which year did Gandhijui set up (All India) HarijanSevakSangh ?
a.       1917
b.      1922
c.       1928
d.      1932

3.          Which of the following reduced  the age for entry into  ICS from 21 to 19 years ?
a.       Lord Ripon
b.      Lord Curzon
c.       Lord Lytton
d.      Lord Dufferin
4.       When was the capital of India Shifted from Calcutta to Delhi ?
a.       1905
b.      1909
c.       1911
d.      1916
5.       Under which  Act provision was made for the first time for the election of some non-official members in the Central and Provincial Legislative Councils ?
a.       Indian Councils Act, 1861
b.      Indian Councils Act, 1892
c.       Indian Councils Act , 1909
d.      Government of India Act, 1919
6.       What is the name of the Journal in which BalgangadharTilak wrote an article for which he was pot on trial in 1908 ?
a.       Bharat Mata
b.      Kesari
c.       Sandhya
d.      Yugantar
7.       Which elite group of  Muslimsorganised the Shimla Deputation  to Lord  Minto  in October 1906 pleading for separate electorates ?
a.       Deoband group
b.      Bengal group
c.       Dacca group
d.      Aligarh group
8.       At which session did the Congress Party for the first time demanded Swaraj/Swashasan ?
a.       1905
b.      1906
c.       1907
d.      1909
9.       In which conspiracy case was V.D. Savarkar deported  in October  1910 ?
a.       Kanpur Conspiracy Case
b.      Kakori Conspiracy Case
c.       Nasik Conspiracy  Case
d.      Alipore Conspiracy Case
10.   What was the periodicity of publication of Gadar ?
a.       Daily
b.      Weekly
c.       Fortnightly
d.      Monthly
11.   When did Madan Mohan Malaviya leave the SwarajParty ?
a.       1922
b.      1924
c.       1925
d.      1928
12.   When was All India Workers and Peasants Party set up ?
a.       1908
b.      1919
c.       1925
d.      1928
13.   Which state of India is situated on border of Afghanistan ?
a.       Punjab
b.      Rajasthan
c.       J & K
d.      Himachal Pradesh
14.   Which state of India has the longest coastline ?
a.       PashchimBanga
b.      Odisha
c.       Kerla
d.      Gujarat
15.   What is the approximate number of big and small island in Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands ?
a.       22
b.      122
c.       222
d.      322
16.   Which river’s source is Verinag ?
a.       Jhelum
b.      Ravi
c.       Beas
d.      Chenab
17.   Which of the following  cities is on the bank of Chambal river ?
a.       Kota
b.      Ujjain
c.       Jabalpur
d.      Surat
18.   In which state is Kaziranga  Tiger Reserve ?
a.       Mizoram
b.      Meghalaya
c.       Arunachal Pradesh
d.      Assam
19.   By what name is shifting cultivation called in Kerala ?
a.       Jhum
b.      Podu
c.       PonamKrishi
d.      Beera
20.   Where is the headquarters of Central Railway ?
a.       Jaipur
b.      Bilaspur
c.       Jabalpur
d.      Mumbai (V.T.)
21.   What is the state tree of Karnataka ?
a.       Coconut
b.      Sandal
c.       Palm
d.      Sal
22.   What is the female literacy rate in India (2011 Census) ?
a.       65.46 percent
b.      71.06 percent
c.       74.04 percent
d.      82.14 percent
23.   From where has the constitution of India borrowed the idea of Concurrent List ?
a.       Canada
b.      Australia
c.       Ireland
d.      France
24.   What term is used for the Presidential powar of substituting one form  of punishment by another of a lighter form ?
a.       Pardon
b.      Reprieve
c.       Respite
d.      Commutation
25.   Which Vice-President of India had the longest tenure ?
a.       V.V Giri
b.      B.D Jatti
c.       Dr. S.Radhakrishnan
d.      G.S Pathak
26.   Who was Deputy Prime Minister of India  during  1989-91 ?
a.       Charan Singh
b.      Devi Lal
c.        L.K ADVANI
d.      Y.bChavan
27.   What is total number of members in the Public Accounts Committee in India ?
a.       15
b.      22
c.       25
d.      30
28.   Where is the Seat of Chhattisgarh High Court ?
a.       Raipur
b.      Bijapur
c.       Bilaspur
d.      Jashpur
29.   Which commission proposed that the appointment of Governor of State should be done by a committee  consisting of the Prime Minister,HomeMinister,LokSabha  Speaker and the Chief Minister of the concerned State ?
a.       Sarkaria Commission
b.      Punchhi Commission
c.       Venkatachalia Commission
d.      National Judicial Commission
30.   What term is used for the estimate of advance payment to the government to carry on its work till the Appropriation Bill ?
a.       Vote on credit
b.      Finance Bill
c.       Vote on Account
d.      Supplementary Budget
31.   Which of the following is included in the Tertiary sector of India Economy ?
a.       Mining
b.      Manufacturing
c.       Construction
d.      Transport
32.   What is the proposed growth target in Draft approach to the Twelfth Five YearPlan ?
a.       6 percent
b.      8 percent
c.       9 percent
d.      10 percent
33.   In which Five Year  Plan was the idea of Inclusuve Development first emphasized ?
a.       Ninth
b.      Tenth
c.       Eleventh
d.      Twelfth