Friday, 12 September 2014

Information Practice Class XII

1st Terminal Exam 2014
Subject : Information Practice
Class XII
Time : 3 hrs                                                                                    MM : 60
1.    State whether the following statements are True or False       1 X 10=10
                      i.        OSS stands for open source software.
                    ii.        Visual basic is an event driven language.
                   iii.        There is no difference between standard modules and class modules
                   iv.        The do-loop while and Do-While are identical in all respects.
                    v.        Predictive modeling is a commonly used technique for data mining.
                   vi.        Class modules are implementation of procedural language.
                  vii.        A loop allows a statements or series of statements to be repeated.
                viii.        GNU/Linux is a open source software Operating system.
                   ix.        Internet is an example of client server model.
                    x.        The modification of open source software is not allowed.
a)    What is free software?                                                                                      4
b)    What do you mean by SQL?                                                               4
c)    Explain the term front end and back end?                                        4
a)    What do you mean by ODBC and JDBC?                                        3
b)    Define the following terms : Entity, Entity Set, Attributes, Relationship ? 3
a)    What do you mean by System Development life Cycle ?              3
b)    What is metadata?                                                                                             3
a)    Define UML?                                                                                                      5
b)    Explain the features of Data Warehouse?                                        5
a)    Explain the concept of Nested looping ? What is the order of executing in case of nesting control constructs?                                                                                5
b)    What are general procedure & event procedure?                            5
a)    What are the different types of modules in VB ?                             5
b)    Difference between Int() and Fix() functions ?                                            5
a)    What all controls can be placed on MDI forms?                              5
b)    What is the significance of locking a record set? Also write possible values that a lock type property of a record set object can assume?                        5
a)    Write a short note on data environment designer?                                     4
b)    What is Database? Write its advantages and disadvantages?     4
c)   Difference between SDLC and DDLC?                                                      4

Information Practice Class XI

1st Terminal Exam 2014
Subject: Information Practice
Class XI
Time : 3 hrs                                                                                     MM : 60
1.    State whether the following statements are True or False        1 X 10=10
                      I.        Operating system is application software.
                    II.        Borders are given only to a page in a document.
                   III.        Variables can be declared globally
                  IV.        User can change text in a label control
                   V.        In VB, variables names can contain maximum of 255 characters.
                  VI.        Debug window is same as code window.
                 VII.        The load command places the form in memory and display on screen.
               VIII.        Visual basic does not support Active X Controls.
                  IX.        Visual basic is a high level language.
                   X.        RAM is a volatile memory.
a)    Write down the difference between digital and analog computer?          3
b)    Write comparisons between interpreter and Compilers?                           3
a)    What do you mean by RDBMS?                                                                                 3
b)    What do you mean by Operating System? What are the various function of an Operating System?                                                                                                               3
a)    Distinguish between Internal and External command with the help of example. 5
b)    Write full form of the following :  DOS, POST, BIOS, GUI, OLE                5
a)    Difference between GUI and Non-GUI ?                                                                  5
b)    Describe spelling and grammar option of MS-Word?                                             5
a)    What is the difference between Compiler time and run time error?                    4
b)    What are the characteristics of good program?                                            4
c)    What is the testing and debugging? Explain?                                                         4
a)    What is Event? Write name of few events with course of their occurrence? 5
b)    What is MDI? How it is different from SDI?                                                   5
a)    Differentiate between numeric and non-numeric data types ?                5
b)    Define the term operators? Also write different categories of operators in VB ? 5
a)    Write about decision structures available in VB ?                           4
b)    What is a Popup menu?                                                                                  4
c)    How many windows the standard EXE contains?                          4
d)    What is Code Window?                                                                                     4